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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Say What Wednesday...

Matt:  Hey Mom, wanna see my muscles?
Mom:  Absolutely!
Matt (clenching his fists and shaking like he's having a seizure):  You see em?
Mom:  Yes, they're huge...they're going to rip your shirt!
Matt:  NOOOOOOO!!!  Dis is my favorite shirt!


The Crazies were trying to cajole Husband into doing something...I seriously can't remember what it was at this point, but they were trying very hard.  All of the sudden, Hailey say, "C'mon Bill...let's do it!"  Ummmm...who gave her permission to use first names?


The Crazies were wrestling with Husband on the floor one night.
They would get "tackled" by Daddy and then the other one would come rescue the "victim."
Hailey was in a particularly tight spot when Matt rescued her and said, "I know you're my best friend, but tanks for saving me anyway!"


Matt has been having a few fucking horrifically ridiculously terrible rough days lately.  One morning, of his own volition, he says, "I'm not gonna be bad today.  I'm gonna be happy and nice to my family."

From his lips to God's ears (except God wasn't listening that day).


Our neighbors reseeded their entire lawn and put hay over it to keep it warm or some shit (I don't pay attention...I just know it looks ridiculous).  The Crazies were playing in the basement and all of the sudden, I hear this racket.  Hailey comes sprinting up the stairs yelling, "HEY!!!  IT'S SNOWING!!!!"

Apparently, the wind kicked up the hay and my child became completely delusional.

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