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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm over here now...

Hey!  I'm writing over here today...musing about what a terrible parent I am (sometimes).

I can tell you that this is how today has gone:

  • They woke up in good moods and watched a movie in their jammies.
  • They "allowed" me to pause the movie to get dressed and talk about breakfast.
  • They didn't fight when I said that Hailey got to choose breakfast and Matt would choose lunch.
  • Matt didn't insist on the orange Cars shirt that he's worn for 4 days in a row.
  • They came for breakfast without arguing.
  • They both ate their entire breakfast.
  • They got their shoes on when asked.
  • They didn't run anyone over while entering the gym.
  • They were good in Kids' Zone.
  • They came happily running to see me after my class.
  • They got into the car without me dragging anyone through the parking lot.
  • They were good in the grocery store, held hands, and understood that they got bubbles if, and only if, they were well behaved.
  • They scanned their own bubbles.
  • They asked nicely for the coins that came out of the dispenser (which they received).
  • They got back in the car without arguing.
  • They understood that I had to take a shower and that they would watch a movie.  
  • They also realized that they would be allowed to eat lunch outside, play with their bubbles, and have fun in the yard if they were good during my shower.
  • They went outside without beating the living shit out of each other.
  • They played amicably.
  • They suddenly remembered their bubbles and asked nicely to play with them.
  • They came in when I called them to wash their hands.
  • They sat down for lunch.
  • They both ate their entire lunch.
  • They played more with bubbles.
  • They asked nicely for their bubbles to be refilled.
  • They helped each other.
  • They nicely asked for ice.
  • They played with ice and water for a while as I finished (that's right...FINISHED) a magazine in the sun.
  • They came in for naps.
  • Matt showered quickly without argument.
  • They are now quiet and resting.
Some days, life is very very good.