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Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers (The Pocahontas Edition)

Head over to Danifred's for a bit...she's still in the throes of newborn-ness with Blue and needs your support like she needs a slice of cheese!

  • So, we're obsessed with a new movie.

  • I do not include myself in the aforementioned "we."

  • Matt hasn't pledge his love to Pocahontas like he has to Jasmine and Ariel (ya know, because of their tummies...they're so "pwetty"), so I think the Native Americans are safe from him.

  • Those genies and mermaids had better watch out though. This boys has got some moves.

  • I've been asked 514 times to watch a "horrible storm" due to this cinematic wonder.

  • The Crazies may never refer to American Indians using their proper name...unfortunately, this damn movie has them calling them "savages" and I'm mortified.

  • In case you haven't noticed, we're having unbelievable weather here on the East Coast.

  • Can I really say that I live on the East Coast anymore?  The damn beach is 3.5 hours away!  I miss living on the BEACH!!!

  • I'm going to see Sister this coming week.  I can't wait to hold that little wobbly head.

  • The baby's head...not Sister's!

  • A bunch of my eyelashes came out in the middle of one of my eyelids.  I look stupid.

  • Other people probably can't tell though because I spend an inordinate amount of time rearranging my remaining eyelashes with mascara so you can't see the "bald spot."

  • I'm loving my new spring clothes...thanks LOFT.

  • Playing outside keeps the inside of my house from getting more fucked up.  I made the mistake of calling it "clean" this week and was quickly reminded that "clean" is not what the inside of my house actually is.  I had no business using that word and I apologize profusely.

  • Precisely, what the HELL is a Leprechaun Trap?

  • We have no plans for St. Patrick's Day and I'm not really sorry about that.  Drunk people just annoy me these days.  What I AM sorry about is that I am not having corned beef and cabbage.  I yearn for it, but I married a guido who has no intention of eating that "crap."  He keeps telling me that I can make it for myself, but he has no clue how much one batch actually makes!  I'll be farting for WEEKS!!!

  • I was $40 under our grocery budget this week...holla!

  • These things freak me out on a daily basis. What the hell are they looking at, anyway??

  • Have a great weekend, all!