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Monday, March 19, 2012

Makes My Monday

Thanks, Cheryl!!!

  1. Husband came home from work early on Friday.
  2. Hailey had a great Tae Kwon Do class (except for cutting the line repeatedly and when we'd point to the back of the line to correct her, she'd put her pointer fingers in her cheeks and make cute faces rather than getting what we were trying to say...hysterical)!
  3. Good dinner at Panera (except for wayward wonton strips in my Greek salad...hate that).
  4. Not doing any of those silly Leprechaun tricks.
  5. Plenty of time outside.
  6. Lots done around the house (to the point of Husband saying, "are you okay?  You NEVER clean this much!").  Then he told me if I keep purging like this that I'll be eligible for more Spring clothes...LOL!
  7. A special surprise consisting of a high school production of "Cinderella" for the Crazies.  They did okay for the First Act and better for the Second Act.  We sat closer to the back due to frequent bathroom breaks (peeing in a high school bathroom is so cool, ya know?).  It was great to see Hailey dancing in the aisle and talking about "all da princesses" during the ball scene.
  8. Lots of cuddles during bedtime stories.
  9. Skyping with Nugget and Sister (they're doing great, BTW)!
  10. HGTV (which I only watch on the weekends).
  11. Getting a great family shot that Husband didn't want to take, but I made him do it anyway b/c we were dressed, clean, and kind of coordinated.