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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

Sigh...I'm in Boston and don't have my Leftovers logo...please forgive me, Danifred.

  • Yes, I'm in Boston...and I held the Nugget (a.k.a. Cassie)!!!
  • She's adorable.
  • I love her.
  • Her head isn't nearly as wobbly as I thought it would be.
  • Her breathing is really cute.  I don't remember the Crazies' breathing.
  • I miss the Crazies.
  • Matt got all sad when I told him I was leaving.
  • Hailey was cool.
  • I took a spin class this morning, went home to shower, drank a ton of water b/c I was so dehydrated and had to pee like a race horse all the way to the airport.
  • I kept forgetting what time my flight was.  Husband thought he could take his run, but then looked at my boarding pass and realized that was impossible.  I felt bad.
  • I was so distracted by feeling bad that I mistakenly rubbed hair product all over my face thinking it was moisturizer.
  • WTF???
  • Then there was a HUGE traffic jam on the way into the airport.
  • Then I had to park and take a shuttle to the airport.
  • Bus rides and full bladders do not mix.
  • A shout-out to the Sky Cap guy who called me beautiful.  My sweaty, nearly peeing myself ass needed to hear that.
  • I love curbside check-in...some people don't trust it.  I do.
  • Remember, I lost my bag in Providence one time and I have no recollection whether or not I checked in at the curb or inside.  I guess I'll never be able to prove/disprove my theory that curbside check-in rules.
  • Why do people wear Crocs to the airport?  Why do people wear Crocs at all?
  • I posted something like this on FB and there is a very big divide between Croc lovers and Croc haters.  Who knew?
  • I nearly missed my flight b/c my departure time hadn't yet sunk in from when Husband told me he couldn't take his run...I was eating lunch.  I was hungry!!!
  • That is all for now.
  • I hope you all have great weekends and get to hold a me.
  • And then I will give her back.
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Moments (that make me hate myself...or love myself)

  • The moment when I drive by KFC and seriously consider that I could live on it forever.

  • The moment when the only phrase I can use to describe Matt's action is "a dick move."

  • The moment when I hold the door for a man, he doesn't say thank-you, and I seriously want to kick him in the balls for being such a poor role model for his son.

  • The moment when I turn a blind eye to Hailey taking a whack at Matt after he's been such a pain in the ass for 20 minutes.

  • The moment when I forget to suck it in and catch my reflection in the mirror.

  • The moment when I realize I forgot to do 15 times.

  • The moment when I say "no" to a tutoring parent (because, dammit, your emergency is not my emergency and you're a bit high maintenance anyway).

  • The moment when I realize how lucky I am to have a happy and functioning marriage.

  • The moment when I make myself a cup of coffee at 4:30 PM knowing it's going to interrupt my sleep.

  • The moment when I realize that it didn't interrupt my sleep at all (apparently overtiredness trumps caffeine).

  • The moment when I realize that I'm not fighting "that battle."

  • The moment when I realize that I did something I thought I couldn't do.

  • The moment when I know I'm a bad mother because my son can't go 10 minutes without telling me or girl-Crazy that he "doesn't like" us.

  • The moment when I realize that watching The Bachelor with Husband is more fun than watching it with anyone else because no one else would really get my totally inappropriate comments.

  • The moment when I realize that the only thing I heard from the preschool teacher's speech is that tomorrow is Purple Day.

  • The moment that's the only thing I convey to the parents behind me who couldn't hear the teacher's speech.

  • The moment when I realize that we don't have any purple clothes in this land of Raven's football.

  • The moment when I realize that I'm not losing my hearing...upon waking up from his nap, Matt actually did ask for 100 kisses when I only offered 5.

  • The moment when I wonder what in the hell another preschool mother is even talking about when she's discussing "up-cycling."  I had to go home and Google it.  Oh, and what she was talking about was a horrible idea, btw.

  • The moment when I realize I owe very important people in my life emails and haven't done it for a long time...too long.

  • The moment that I feel like a mean Mommy.  Hailey had an accident at school last week and as she told me about it, she said, "and Miss J was so nice...she didn't even yell at me!"

  • The moment I quickly get over it.  I'm glad I'm not a dweller.

  • The moment I literally get mad at Matt for asking for more steak over and over again.  Doesn't he know how badly I want it???  It's delicious and I'm so glad we're back to grilling!

  • The moment I realize that I don't have nearly enough of my photos or videos backed up.