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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ten Things for a Tuesday

  1. Going from 75 degrees to 28 degrees is just not cool, Mother Nature.
  2. The little hole in the top of a Starbu.cks cup just isn't big enough for me to actively consume my caffeine.  Does anyone actually use it?
  3. I play approximately 4 games on my phone that are total time-sucks...and I'd be embarrassed to admit them to most of my friends.
  4. I am still not understanding Twitter...not that I've really tried or anything.
  5. I had an outside playdate this morning and I'm freaking exhausted.
  6. Air travel sucks ass.
  7. I think it sucks when batteries run out.
  8. If I were to stay off of my phone and the computer during hours when I could be doing things around the house, I'd be much more productive.  I think I'll try it.
  9. The Crazies are going to be split for preschool next year...I think I'm fine with it.
  10. I'm tired.
That is you guys!