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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So, I want to boil some eggs...

They're high in protein and a quick snack.  I think it's the perfect thing to keep those fatty-fat moments at, I take the eggs out and put them on the counter.

  • Wait...I need to wash the pot.
  • Yes, I'll wipe your ass.
  • Oh, you had an accident?  GREAT!
  • I'll go upstairs for another pair of underwear.
  • Geez...I gotta do the Crazies' laundry.  It's piling up!
  • I grabbed that and lugged it downstaris.
  • Shit.  I never put the jackets away from this morning.
  • I'll do that now.
  • Yes, I have your underwear...HOLD ON A SEC!!!
  • Sorry.  No, Mommy shouldn't have yelled at you.
  • Damn, now we're out of toilet paper.
  • I'll go back upstairs to replenish.  Not having toilet paper just isn't an option around Casa de Crazies.
  • Geez...the upstairs garbage cans are so full.
  • I'll empty them (I'm so productive)!
  • I feel like there's something I should be doing.
  • Damn...I totally forgot to start the laundry.
  • Grab toilet paper and garbage bags and head back down.
  • No, you can put your own pants back on...I got you the underwear.  Sheesh!
  • have to take a shit now?  Go ahead...hold your penis down!
  • Okay...what was I doing?   I know I was doing something!  WTF!
  • Yes, I'll wipe your ass now.
  • The dog has to go out.
  • No you can't go's almost time for naps.
  • I need to start the laundry.
  • Yes, you can play downstairs for a few minutes.
  • Yes, I'll turn the heat on.
  • No, you can't wrestle.
  • No, don't come in here.
  • Yes, I'm putting laundry in the machine.
  • What?  It's's not rocks!  (for some reason, someone though rocks were pouring into our washing machine)
  • Okay...back upstairs.
  • Damn...I forgot to wash that pot.
  • What did I need the pot for though?
  • Ugh...I gotta empty the recycling.  I hate when it gets all crazy.
  • Put the school bags away.
  • Put my gym bag away.
  • Take the garbage from upstairs out.
  • Go into the kitchen to see if I can remember why I was washing that pot.
  • That's it!  It's time for naps...come up here!
  • I'll clean the counter while they're making their way up.
  • Why the hell are the eggs out?
And I'm done...this is why nothing gets done around here.  There are CONSTANT interruptions!!!