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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Some Mornings...

Some mornings are a total blur of 
  • getting dressed, 
  • brushing teeth, 
  • pleading for a special shirt, 
  • rushing to make breakfast, 
  • keeping an eye on the clock,
  • begging for shoes and socks,
  • tossing bags in the car,
  • ticking things off on my mental list, 
  • asking to "watch out" for dog droppings,
  • strapping in, 
  • backing out, 
  • tumbling out into the parking lot,
  • running down the sidewalk, 
  • reminding not to run in once we're in school,
  • kissing and hugging goodbye,
  • and sighing with relief for a moment's peace.

And the other mornings are a lovely focus of
  • getting up early enough to have my coffee Crazy-free,
  • hearing Matt repeatedly calling for Daddy and knowing that I'll ignore him until he calls me (not in a mean's a little game we play),
  • listening to Hailey turn on her light, run to open her door, and scamper back under the covers before the sheets grow cold, 
  • hearing Matt play in his room with his dinosaur flashlight,
  • having him ask me if he can come downstairs, but instantly changing his mind when he sees his sister's door open,
  • tearing up when she starts to tell him about her dreams (of course she talks about the "orange part" because she knows it will make him happy,
  • feeling proud when he asks her to read him a story,
  • giggling when they distort the story of Pocahontas beyond recognition,
  • and knowing that this morning will be a little slower.

I love Wednesdays.

What is your best day?