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Friday, April 6, 2012

Get Outside!!!

We have been spending a lot of time outside...a lot!  I wish I could grumble about it, but it's been awesome.  Knowing that the freezing cold days of Winter are behind us and the scorching days of Summer are ahead of us just makes me appreciate these temperate days even more.  We're not stuck in the house.  We're not snowed in.  We're just outside being happy and it's awesome.

We walk up slides.
We slide down slides...together in a big heap of Craziness.
We find fluffy little dandelion stems and make tons of wishes.
We don't tell our wishes though or they won't come true.
We run.
We take walks.
We dig...a lot.  My days of thinking my backyard would look nice are gone.  It's nothing but dirt piles and holes for now.
We ride our quads.
We ride our trikes.
We take our strollers for a walk.
We mow the entire neighborhood's grass.
We giggle.
We scream at birds.
We run from bees.
We play basketball...with soccer balls.
We lay with Mommy and watch the clouds go by.
We drive with the windows open.
We peel layers of clothes off.
We find our shorts.
We learn how to use screen doors (without having them close too quickly on our tushies).
We run in and out to use the potty.
We long for the day when it will be warm enough to use the sprinkler.
We randomly take our shoes and socks off at a baseball field because, let's face it, it looks like a huge sandbox!
We get other kids to do it too.
We're always ready for a picnic.
We hug trees...literally (this is my method for them not running into traffic in the gym parking lot).
We remember how to use the swings.
We figure out a new way to use them (see video below for unfettered laughter).