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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Wish for You...Hope

A girl committed suicide over the weekend.

I did not know her.

She went to the high school that my former students attended.

She was the sister of the girlfriend of one of my favorite students.

She was in 10th grade.

I did not know her yet my heart weeps this morning.

It weeps for her mother who had to open her eyes early this morning only to realize that it wasn't a terrible nightmare, but a reality with which she must deal.

It weeps for her father who will never get to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day.

It weeps for her siblings who will find themselves laughing about something stupid in a couple of months and instantly feel guilty for doing it without her.

It weeps for her friends who are left wondering why she's gone.

It weeps for her teachers who need to somehow get through this day being the strong ones when they just want to cry for this little girl too.

It weeps for my former students' family who just had a huge wound see, their father committed suicide when I taught the older sister.  They are all too familiar with suicide and shouldn't have been subjected to that in 6th and 8th grade...that's just not right.

It weeps for all of the kids out there who don't feel any hope...who can't find any glimmer of a silver lining...who would rather end it than share their pain with anyone.

It weeps for the person who received her last text message...wondering if they could have done anything differently to save her.

It weeps for whoever had to find her.  

It weeps for the fact that this little girl's death has affected so see, this family was well respected in the community.  Everyone thought of them as an "amazing family."  

It weeps for the fact that even when you think you have it all together as a family, things can still go horribly wrong.

So, my wish for all of these kids, parents, community members, and kids who didn't even know her is hope.

There has to be hope to go on.

You have to find hope to make it through inexplicable situations.

You have to believe that there is hope to move forward.

You have to remember the hope that helped you get through last time someone left your life so suddenly.

It may not come today...or tomorrow...or next week or month, but it will come.

My wish for you...hope.

Rest in peace sweet angel and know that you are loved and missed.