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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Holla at your girl!

Hey folks...break time is over.

Actually, I had a tutoring student not show up, so I actually have two minutes strung together where I can form a whole thought.  It's amazing, right?

So, I've missed you guys.  I really have.

Everything was fine.  I just needed a break.  Life was getting crazy and the Crazies were exhausting me.  Not to say that isn't still happening, but I really need my outlet back.  I have no time for therapy at this point!

So, what's new with you guys?

Here's what's up with us since my last entry:

  • Preschool is officially over for the year (boohoo, throw myself on the floor crying).
  • The Crazies are signed up for soccer this Fall (great...more time spent outside because I'm such the outdoorswoman).
  • We're putting the house on the market (yes, I'm THAT insane).
  • Dog is still a shedding maniac (I want to get a Roomba, but Husband thinks that will send her over the edge).
  • I've gained weight which is totally annoying.
  • The Crazies are almost through the latest round of swimming lessons and still refuse the back float.
  • Hailey had her dance recital last weekend and is still going strong in Tae Kwon Do.  She goes from being sad that Matt doesn't like her to being his best friend.  She still intends on being a princess when she grows up.
  • Matt still won't get back into Tae Kwon Do, but is becoming a master a Angry Birds.  He's still quite awesome and way too smart for his own good.  For instance, his teacher told me he had a challenging day one day.  When I asked him about it, he said, "my day was fine...Mrs. W had the challenging day."  Yes, I'll bet she did.
  • Sibling rivalry is beating my ass into the ground.
  • Putting a house on the market with two Crazies and a shedding dog is enough to put me in the asylum.
  • Now I'm wondering if they still have asylums...or do they call them "mental health retreats" now?
  • I can't use the word "mercurial" in normal conversation without everyone knowing what smut I've read recently.
  • My open house is in less than 2 weeks...I'm dying with how much CRAP we have in our house!!!
 That is all...can't wait to hear what's up with you guys.  As a term of me coming back to blogging, I'm not reading any blogs on my Google Reader...only blog peeps who comment on my posts.  It's not that I'm snotty...I'm just lazy and have really weighed my Reader down with blogs that waste my time with too many posts or just illogical blither.  God, maybe that is a bit elitist.