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Friday, June 8, 2012

10 Faux Pas I May or May Not Have Committed While Showing Casa de Crazies

1. I may or may not peed in a toilet and forgot to flush.
2. I may or may not have blamed that on one of the people we had in to see the house when Husband found it.
3. I may or may not have shoved a ridiculous amount of crap under the Crazies' beds.
4. I may or may not have sprayed Windex in the air before leaving just to make the house smell clean.
5. I may or may not have left one of my cuter dresses hanging in my closet in such a way to say "I'm going out tonight and I'm going to wear this cute dress and if you bought this house, this could be you."
6. After doing that, I may or may not have ignored that dress for 5 days much less put an item of clothing on my body that had anything to do with any type of waistband.
7. I may or may not have taken deodorant off my dresser and put it away thinking "deodorant is icky. No one wants to think about armpits while they're looking at my house."
8. I may or may not have jumbled up the laundry bin every single time just in case my dirty undies were in top. No one needs to be privy to that.
9. I may or may not have thanked God a zillion times that my in-laws too Dog for the month because it seriously saved my life for all the showings we had in the first few days.
10. I may or may not have received a full price offer on my house within FIVE days. Staging is a beautiful thing!!

Onward and upward...we put an offer in on a place and we are signing the paperwork today. Wish us luck!!