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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So, here's the latest:

We sold our house in 5 days.
We lamented that we are taking a loss.
We reassured ourselves that it would be worth it to get a bit more space, but, more importantly, off this busy street.
We looked at some houses.
We relaxed that there wasn't a lot out there in our price range.
We resigned ourselves to the fact that we might just have to wait until next year.
We had our eyes opened to a particular house from a very unlikely source.
We went to see said house.
We were lucky to get in because they hadn't really been showing a lot.
We drive by the house before our showing appointment and deemed it a perfect location.
We walked through the house.
We realized that this could very easily be home.
We called daddy and told him this was one he'd have to see.
We went back to the house.
We waited patiently (and hopefully) while daddy checked things our with his critical eye.
We got in the car.
We drove away.
We went to a comparable house so daddy could compare.
We realized there was no comparison.
We ran the numbers hundreds of times.
We signed the contract on our house.
We made an offer on the new house.
We were disappointed when the seller didn't accept, but not surprised. She used to be a real estate agent.
We ran some more numbers.
We discussed our priorities.
We discussed how we pictured living in that house.
We ran the numbers again.
We made lists of projects that would have to be done right away and projects we could put off.
We accepted the counteroffer.
We waited and waited and waited.
We sent out agent a text since we hadn't heard and she reassured us that everything was fine.
We discussed more finances.
We divvied up jobs for the move.
We realized that we just bought the house where we will see riding a two-wheeler for the first time, best friends come together for their first sleepover, years of trick or treating, first crushes, lots of homework, practicing soccer kicks in the backyard, helping daddy shovel the driveway, Christmas decorations galore, first heartbreak, triumphs, challenges, successes, failures, first dates, first heartbreaks, hope, college applications completed, prom plans finalized, graduation parties planned, acceptance letters anxiously opened, caps and gowns donned, tears shed, and hugs all around. This is the house where I will raise the Crazies. This is Casa de Crazies.

We realize how blessed and lucky we are that this may actually work out, but it hasn't been without a lack of extremely hard work and perseverance.

Wish us luck over the next few weeks, we are going to need it for sure!