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Monday, June 25, 2012

My Mother's House

Where I eat like my 18-year old self and get surprised every time I look in the mirror and don't see my 18-year old ass.

Where I get butterflies just turning down the street on the last leg of our trip.

Where I take the BQE just to get a better view of the city.

Where I allow GG to cut up my fruit and make me a snack (with a napkin, of course).

Where I laugh with GG and Sister until I weep (or one of us snorts wine out of our nose...classy, huh?).

Where I feel totally relaxed.

Where I got kicked in the eye in the middle of the night by my son who refused to sleep his princely ass on the I can't even wear makeup (and for those of you who have been reading for a while, this is a big fucking deal and I'm trying really hard not to be mad at him, but it hurts like hell).

Where I attended a party without a stitch of eye makeup on and didn't even care because all of the people were people I've known forever.

Where I use up the hot water every.single.time.

Where I marvel at all of the shit GG can jam into her refrigerator.

Where I am used to the ridiculous traffic and even plan around it.

Where I jump in the pool with reckless abandon.

Where I have spent more time on pinterest in the past 5 days than I have in the past 5 months.

Where I am 30 minutes from the beach, but don't go because I don't know which "fields" are family friendly any more (knowing my luck, I'd end up with all of the guidos and guidettes...or even worse, the nude beach)!

Where half of the grill catches on fire every time we use it...and we keep trying.

Where Windex reigns supreme.

Where the Crazies LOVE watching VHS tapes, but don't understand rewinding at all.

Where Advil is readily available.

Where my new niece sharted on me and I screamed like an idiot even though I just had my own children a few years ago.  Apparently I blocked that part out.

Where my BIL gets so bored with being the only dude (and therefore voice of reason, right?) that he bites the bullet and plays water guns with all the kids at the party until he's soaking wet.

Where you wave at the neighbors over 6-feet fences.

Where the trees are huge, the grass is soft, and it rains like crazy.

Where I feel home to my core.