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Friday, June 29, 2012

And Then I Lost My Shit...and Cheese Sticks Came to my Rescue

Today wasn't a particularly rough day.  I have no idea why this happened, but it did and I wanted to share in case it ever happens to you.  You won't think you're alone.  Or crazy.

I got back to spin class for the first time in over a week.  Vacation will do that to you.

We went to the pool for a little while after that.

We listened to Matt demand things and use a rather rude tone of voice with his demands (ugh...hate that shit and will be punishing like a mofo from here on out).

We played.

We jumped.

We played in the "spouts."

We left to go home without incident (a miracle within itself).

When we got in the car, I turned to give one of the Crazies their snack, and the strap from my dress snapped.

It came right off.

I yelled like a child (good example, mother of the year).

I called Husband and bitched for a few minutes and then apologized for complaining so freely.  It wasn't his fault and it was just a damn dress.

So, we hung up.

And I started crying.

Tears were literally rolling down my face.

I couldn't talk normally, so the Crazies knew something was up.  I don't typically cry in front of them.  

I don't typically cry at all.

So, I let the tears come.  They asked me why I was sad...the only response I had was, "I don't know...I just am.  Sometimes people get sad."

We got into the house and the tears continued.

Hailey tried to show me pictures on her broken digital camera...sweet thing.

Matt stomped around saying, "stop being sad right now please."  Ummm...less sweet thing, but at least he was thinking of someone other than himself, right?

I kept crying.  Hailey was literally acting as my shadow, so I asked for a few minutes alone.  She complied.

I made them lunch (lame lunch of mac & cheese...that was all I could manage) and started to scrounge around for something for myself.  I'm sure that the fact I was starving didn't help...stupid spin class burning all those calories.

Then I tried to resume some normalcy.  I gave Hailey her camera back and she asked if her beautiful pictures got rid of my sadness.  I lied and said they did...what else could I do?

Matt told me I looked a little happier.

They ate lunch in front of the TV b/c I was being weak...whatever.  I'm not embarrassed.  It happens, right?

Then I had to find something for myself.  We haven't gone shopping since being in NY and Husband seriously lives on the blandest diet in the universe (no offense, honey), so there was nothing for me.

Then I looked in the freezer hoping to see a Ka.shi meal or something I could heat up.

I spied the Mozzarella Cheese sticks...they breaded kind that you dunk in marinara sauce.  Through my tears, I grabbed the box and started the oven.

I knew I had to eat.  A lot of the tears probably had to do with being hungry, but they also had to do with selling our house, moving, hoping the appraisal comes in high enough so we won't have to renegotiate our deal or, worst case scenario, throw the whole deal in the garbage, getting back into routine after NY, not having seen my friends in days, being tired from Hailey being up a million times last night, or just my damn dress breaking (the dress that I think makes me look cute, but may not really be that cute...either way, it makes me feel cute, so I like it and it's broken).  Oh, and maybe it had something to do with the fact that I've been with the Crazies since last Monday, non-stop, without a break...maybe I just need a break!

So, the cheese sticks went in...and they came out again.

It was at this point that my brain literally said, "eating all of these is not going to be a good idea."

It was right after hearing that when my stomach said, "challenge accepted, bitch!!!"

Sometimes my body makes me laugh...

So, if you have a rough day and you happen to be in the middle of one of the hugest transitions that a family can make and there is a ton of money up in the air and you really have your hopes set on getting a new house and those hopes basically rest in the hands of an appraiser who has no idea how much money and blood and sweat you've thrown into this house that you're already selling at a loss and you end up losing your shit...don't me...and cheese sticks will fix it every time.