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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

So let me get this straight...

I can put my house up for sale at a reasonable price.

Another couple can qualify for a loan and want to purchase my house at said price.

So, we want to sell, they want to buy, and they qualify for enough money. Sounds like the perfect situation, right? Where everyone has made their choices and feels comfortable.

Then, it comes down to one person. The appraiser. He needs to be involved because the buyers are first-time homebuyers and are using a government loan...for which they've already pre approved.

This guy comes in, grossly undervalues the house, ignores the $60K of improvements that have been put in, and pulls the rug out from all of us because the government won't allow the buyers to purchase the house for more than the appraiser says its worth.

One guy.

Three families shit out of luck.

Three families being told they can't do something even though they have made the choice from their own free will. Even though the buyers won't get a house this nice anywhere else in our area and they know it. Even though we need the money from this house to move up in our next house. Even though we all want to move forward in this deal, we can't because of one guy.

Where is the free will in that?

Land of the free? I'm not feeling it.

I never talk politics, but I'm ready to join the Ron Paul camp and go for less government. This is shit.

Apparently my breakdown the other day wasn't without merit. My gut told me something was up and my gut is usually right.

This sucks.

4th of July will kind of suck this year as I'm bitter about all of the shit that went down yesterday.

There are good points if this all falls through. We can enjoy our vacations without being too worried about money. We have another year to sock money away for our eventual down payment. We have more time to adjust our budgets for a larger mortgage. we have a very nice house. We are healthy. Our kids are healthy.

But, we also have another year of living on a busy street hoping the Crazies won't get run over by some idiot doubling the speed limit. We have another year of cramming guests in our living room hoping the pull out couch doesn't collapse. We have another year of jamming all of our shit in this house.

Things could be worse, but I'm still pissed off. Oh, and please don't throw this "everything happens for a reason" shit at me. I know that in my brain, but my heart is totally bummed that this one guy took away our opportunity.