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Monday, August 6, 2012

Bath Time

We got back from vacation and all I wanted to do was take a bath in my tub.

Almost all of these things happened...tell me which one did not.

  • Kids went to bed early.
  • Husband took a shower.
  • I drew my bath while doing laundry (always the multi-tasker).
  • I ran upstairs because I was afraid I'd overflow the tub.
  • I ran back downstairs to pour a large glass of wine (detox wasn't starting until the next day...technically, I was still on vacation).
  • I ran back upstairs and looked for my robe only to find that I threw it in the wash.
  • I got undressed.
  • I arranged my wine, my towel, and my Kindle so that everything was within reach during my bath.
  • I stuck one foot in my bath and realized it was scalding hot.  I ran the bath at 100 degrees and I typically only do 95 degrees.
  • Then I pulled my foot out.
  • Then I realized that at some point, I'd have to put my va-jj in that water.
  • Then I got really scared that I'd literally melt my va-jj.
  • Then I started to run the cold water into the bath using my already burned foot as a huge spoon.
  • I finally got to the point where I could put my other foot in the bath.
  • I suddenly realized that having a hot bath when the back of your legs are slightly sunburned sucks ass.
  • I finally got my entire self into the bath.
  • Only to look up and see a spider.