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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Updates and Guilt

  • Got two contracts on the house in the same week.  

  • Signed one that was contingent first.

  • Got the non-contingent second and kicked the first girl out.

  • I felt bad, but who puts their house on the market AFTER they find the house they want to buy...I think that's weird, but everyone has their "tried and true method."

  • We have our inspection for our house today and we're going to do a walk-through on the property we want to buy as well.

  • I can't wait to see it again, but I also don't want to get my hopes up again.

  • We are just not as psyched since getting screwed.

  • Since there has been a lot to do around here, I am feeling some guilt.

  • The Crazies have been watching a good amount of TV lately so I can just get.things.done.

  • They are so interested in everything and have so many things they want to "help" with, but I just need time to finish things and stash shit that I don't want potential buyers to see.

  • They don't get it, but I feel bad.

  • They are happy with TV, but I am not.

  • I know it's temporary, that their brains won't rot over a few weeks, but I'm a good mother, but I just wish they weren't sitting in front of the boob toob.

  • Does anyone else call it the boob toob?

  • Our vacation to OBX was incredible...we're thinking maybe 2 weeks next year (I wish...).

  • Still debating kindergarten next year.  

  • School starts for the Crazies tomorrow.  I'm excited.

  • I've graduated to doing photo books for our "life events."  Does that make me a bad person that I don't want a million pictures around (or in my case, sitting in their envelopes with empty photo albums sitting next to them taunting me)??  Oh, and scrapbooking???  Fuhgeddaboudit!

  • Our neighbor across the street has been awesome helping take care of Dog while we're doing showings and going away and having inspections.  Thank God...I don't know what I would do otherwise.

  • Thinking about getting a new car amidst all of these other changes.  Not because I just want one, but b/c Husband's is about to hit 200K and it might die soon.  I know I'd die if I traveled 200K.

  • Feeling guilty b/c I'm not working and all of the financial burden is on Husband.

  • Also feeling guilty b/c if I don't send the Crazies to kindergarten next year, it will just be another year of him shouldering all of the finances.  

  • I want to go back to work, but it will depend on what their teachers say this year.

  • I do miss adult relationships that don't center around Mom's Night Out, going to the gym, what's on sale at the grocery store, and wondering how some Moms are so skinny.

  • Although, I wonder if my brain has melted while I've been on this hiatus.

  • Maybe I don't feel as guilty about things as I thought I did...maybe it's just the television.  Maybe it's just today.  Maybe I'm being too hard on myself.  Maybe I still need my blog to be my therapist!!!