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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We're In!

OMG...things have been NUTS!!!

We are in the new house.  

Settlement went fine (even though it was on a Friday which made us VERY nervous).  

The move went fine (even though we moved on a Thursday and couldn't technically occupy the space until Friday and had to sleep on the floor which totally sucked).  

The Crazies are fine (and I have awesome friends who were able to watch them while the big move was occurring).

I am ECSTATIC!!!!  I love this house.  All of our furniture fits perfectly.  Every view is pleasing.  We have enough room (more than enough).  Crazies are happy.  Dog is happy.  Mama is happy.  Dad is happy.

I haven't taken any pictures yet (kill me now, I know).

The neighbors have come over and met us (and they seem normal...for the most part...the people on one side are Eagles fans which makes them questionable).

It's more through (thru?) street.

The yard is awesome.

Sister sent us champagne AND breakfast...da bomb.

The neighborhood is perfect for teaching the Crazies to drive (eventual, I know, but it's just something that popped into my head this evening).

Unpacking is going very well (mostly thanks to GG and her uncanny ability to make decisions that we were too blind-tired to make).

We are back on track already...just wanted to update all of you.  Thanks for your kind thoughts and guys are the BEST!!!