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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nitty Gritty

So, things have been nuts in Casa de Crazies lately, but I wanted to sit down and get it all out on the table.  There has been a lot going on that I've wanted to talk about/write about, but there hasn't been any time.

What created time today?

Well, I'm sick and skipping the gym and decided it was the perfect chance to catch you up on the shitshow that I call life.

  • House - love it.  There are some issues with furniture and unpacking sucks, but we are so lucky.  I say "lucky," but we worked damn hard for this and I'm really proud.  There was a fair amount of luck though, so we'll give a shout-out to luck.
  • Me - other than being sick, I've been good.  Trying to reorganize everything in our entire household has been challenging.  I often find myself wondering where we kept all of this stuff in our old house.  I've been coming down pretty hard on myself regarding some of my parenting choices the past few weeks, but I need to understand that this is a huge transition time and that I need to give myself a break.  Tutoring has been going well.  I'm down about two students, so I'd like that to get back to normal, but I'm really starting to itch to get back in the classroom.  I miss teaching.  I miss middle school kids.  I miss having a life outside of the Crazies.  I think it may be time to look at heading back.  Plus, I'm getting kind of sick of sitting in the library for 8-10 hours a week.
  • Husband - he's awesome.  He's been working his ass off to get things set up in the house.  He started coaching the Crazies' soccer team this Fall and it's been great.  It's wonderful to see the rapport he has with the kids and watch him interact with the parents.  He's a natural.
  • Hailey - this girl is as happy as she could be with life right now.  Granted, she complains that Matt isn't nice to her sometimes, but she handles him wonderfully.  I get really really bummed when she tells me that he doesn't like her.  I hate that he could hurt his sister's feelings, but I guess that's what siblings are all about, right?  Siblings fight.  Siblings can cut the deepest.  Siblings will also always be there...and they are there for each other when it counts.  She's thrived having her own class this year.  She's continuing with dance and Tae Kwon Do.  She loves soccer.  She was meant to be busy and can entertain herself in down time.  She's obsessed with My Little Pony.  Oh, and she's the best artist I know right now.  She loves to design "dresses."
  • Matt - as upset as he was during the move with all of the transition and everything, he's finally settling down.  I think he's happier having his own house, his own room, his own area.  He really needs alone time some days and is fine without it on other days.  I really want to work on accepting responsibility with him because he tends to blame everyone else for things that go wrong in his life.  He's obsessed with Ninjago...obsessed.  He's doing great with the Legos and is started to put together kits that are listed for 8-14 year olds.  He started back at Tae Kwon Do this Fall and is doing really well with it.  He's struggling a bit with soccer for a variety of reasons...depends on the day.  Some days he's hot and another day it will be that someone called him a "baby."  I just never know what's coming with him.
  • Parenting - I really need to get a grip on the screen time.  I had a system in the old house where they could check off boxes for screen time.  Each box equaled 30 minutes, but that quickly  wen by the wayside when everything was packed up, I had to take 5 million phone calls, and the TV was the only thing that quieted them down.  I need to get a grip on it again though because it's really becoming a problem.  We started chore charts to stave off Matt's obsessive quest for Ninjago spinners.  Whenever he gets a certain amount of stars on his chart, he can get a spinner that weekend.  It's worked okay because he's starting to get the concept of delayed gratification.  That's a big one.
  • Body - I had a really great workout regiment all set up, but the move really knocked that off track.  Now, with me being sick, I've fallen off the wagon again.  I will get back there...I just need to heal somehow right body is speaking to me and I need to listen.
  • Mind - I constantly feel as if I'm missing something.  I am very used to having my shit together and being very organized and I just feel like I'm missing things lately.  I guess it's the move and not having everything where it needs to be, but it may be more than that.  Who knows?  I guess I'll just keep an eye on it and figure it out as I go along.
  • Soul - I would really like to get back to church.  I like the hour of quiet that it affords me every week.  I also don't go so much for the religious aspect (which is nice, but not my #1 priority) as I do for the feeling of community.  It's just nice.  I also miss my yoga class which kept my soul in check.  I have to make it a priority now that I'm coming out of this whole craziness.
  • Marriage - nothing puts stress on your marriage like a move.  I can proudly say that we stuck together, communicated well, and made sure that we had our priorities straight through this whole thing.  I can also say that having gone through infertility with Husband by my side, I know what we can handle.  We've also learned how to go about huge transitions and what each one needs.  I need quiet time and he needs to continue to go to the gym.  We don't turn against each other in times of crisis (and there were many times), but we unite and head toward the problem together rather than being at odds.  I think it's so easy to turn against your partner in crisis and try to blame one person or the other, but it's much better to unite and find a solution where everyone is happy.  I am proud of our marriage and know that we'll continue to work on it.  That being said, we could really use a date night (but October is nuts, so that will have to wait)!
  • Surprise - we have a huge surprise planned for this month.  The Crazies don't have any idea where we're going, but they've received hints every day.  Here are the hints and let's see if you could figure it out:  we have to take a plane to get there, there will be a Halloween Parade, we'll see lots of animals, members of our family will also be there, it begins with a D.
I think that's all for now.  I'd really like to get back to blogging on a regular basis.  I can't believe how off track I got after that girl's suicide and then the move taking over my Summer.  I will be better.  I have lots to share.  I miss writing it out.  If you're still out there, leave a comment...I'd love to see who's still around!