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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


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Girl Toys Are Boring

If you're the mother of a young girl or have a young girl in your life in some capacity, you know how difficult it can be to buy presents for them.

Coming from the world of boy/girl twins, it's amazing to see how Matt's toys always do really cool things (move, make noise, can be built and then function as something else) and how Hailey's are so boring.  They're princesses, stuffed animals, Barbies, etc.

We've even taken to buying Hailey "boy" toys just so she can have things that actually make her happy and are interesting to her.  We've definitely fed into her shared interest with her brother in Legos and Ninjago things.  What else could we do?  There's nothing else out there.

It's been a struggle for me, as a strong woman, to deal with the stereotypical toys that are presented for girls.  I have to admit, I finally gave into the Barbie thing for this coming Christmas.  However, I only bought the teacher and the veterinarian...I do have standards, ya know.

Then, a friend of mine posted this video on FB and I have to tell you, I'm pre-ordering this product.  It's about girls who can not only build things (just as boys can), but it also gives them a reason for why they're building things and what the use could be.  Girls need a reason behind what they're doing...they need a story.  Take a look:

The Story of GoldieBlox | Cassie Jaye from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

The young woman who has come up with this idea should not only be supported by the toy industry, but applauded for coming up with something new that not only interests our girls, but will also make them step back and make them realize that they are capable of building things (building, infrastructures, computers) and it shouldn't all be left to the menfolk (seriously old-fashioned word, but it just worked).