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Friday, November 30, 2012

Rice Cakes

Hailey:  Mom, can I pwease have more rice cakes?
Mom:  No more rice're going to turn into a huge rice cake!
Hailey (running away with her arms in the air):  YEAH!!!  DEN I CAN EAT MYSELF ALL UP!!

This girl makes me laugh on a daily basis.

Why do I do this??

Why do I get up to help my son who has wet his bed, change him out of his wet pajamas, and then proceed to run my hand over the sheets to confirm that they are indeed wet???

Do I not believe in the power of gravity to be able to pull the water down to the sheets??

Do I think the water just magically pooled somewhere in his Santa-like belly and neglected to run down the sides of his body???

Do I have memories of purchasing extra absorbent pajamas???

Will I ever learn???

Moms do dumb things's true.