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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's not that I don't like Christ

I loathe those signs all over the place about keeping Christ in Christmas. For whatever reason, I have a visceral reaction and just want to start writing Xmas like crazy.

Don't get me wrong, it not that I don't like Christ. I like Christ very much and I really do understand the true meaning of Christmas, the "reason for the season," and all that jazz. I'm no dummy, you know. It's just that writing Xmas is easier. It's a completely lazy thing in my part.

I mean no offense by it. It does not make me an atheist or anarchist or anything like that. If anything, it makes me slothlike, I'd think.

The one thing that does truly bother me about the whole Xmas this is what it's done for Christina aguilera, is xtina. Could it be that I'm more pissed about her using Xmas to her advantage than I am about people not writing out Christmas? Possibly. God, people would really hate me then, huh?

Anyway, if you've posted any of those signs, or said "amen" when you drive by the church in your local town whose sign out front reads "keeping the Christ in "Christ"mas!!" Just remember that some of us are just lazy and mean no disrespect.

Oh, and some people just write it to piss the Christ people off, but I'm not one of those. Uh way...not me.