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Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Numbers

4:  Number of times I've taken 95 north and south over the past 10 days.

14:  Number of times I've gotten stuck in traffic for inexplicable reasons.

240:  Number of times I was asked "are we there yet?"

5:  Number of times Husband and I got in stupid fights while in the car (BTW, how the fuck am I supposed to know why we're slowing down???).

5,000,000:  Number of times Hailey has ridden around our house on her new bike.

2,500,000:  Number of times I've had to tell her to slow down.

3:  Number of marks Husband has found on the floor from bike tires.

16,592:  Number of Legos that I've had to deal with in the last week.

912:  Number of Legos in the largest set.

8:  Number of Barbies dolls that have made their home in our home.

2:  Number of Barbie houses to also be introduced (one yet to be delivered and it's freaking huge).

3:  Number of gifts I gave that were not well received.

1:  Number of times I had to rethink wearing skinny jeans.

1.5:  Number of crab dips I finished by myself.

2.4:  Number of rolls of Christmas wrapping paper we used this year (you should totally check out the wrapping paper at Home Depot...double sided which is perfect for twins...heavy duty and CHEAP!!!).

0:  Number of times Husband and I have been able to bump uglies.

2:  Number of times I went to the gym between Christmas and New Year's Eve.

4:  Number of gifts I bought myself.

8523:  Number of times I was kicked in the ribs/kidneys/spine/ass by Hailey, my sleep mate at GG's house.

236:  Number of smiles I got to witness from my favorite niece's face!

1:  Number of job applications I submitted for next school year.

15:  Number of times I wondered if I was doing the right thing.

35:  Number of times I got excited about going back to work.

75:  Number of Christmas cards hanging outside my office (how do you guys display Christmas cards?)

4:  Number of candle glowsticks we left Children's Christmas Eve service with...I swear, if Matt and Hailey could have, they would have brought DOZENS home!

17592:  Number of times Matthew yelled "poop," "stupid," or "hate" this Christmas season.

How was your week??