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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Things are Moving and I Stand Corrected

Nana's piano arrived yesterday.  It was a sticky situation as the guy who delivered it was alone and pianos are VERY HEAVY!  I asked if he thought he could do it alone and he replied, "I think so."

That was scary.

Then he spent a good time on the porch trying to figure out how he was going to get it inside the house.  I made myself present (after gorging on rotisserie chicken b/c I'm a stress eater) and was drafted into pushing the piano inside the house as he pulled it from the other side.

I am 5'3".  I am not a huge woman.  I pushed a piano inside my house and helped him get it situated in our dining room/playroom.

I am woman...hear me roar.

It's perfect.  He also brought a dry sink and a beautifully carved antique chair.  It needs to be reupholstered, but I think it's going to make a great addition to our home.

Having this piano in my house is bittersweet because while I've always wanted a piano, miss playing, and can't wait to teach the Crazies, it also makes me think of her.

I've been having a more difficult time with her death than I anticipated.  I had a mental break Saturday night and just lost it.  I think I needed to do that.  I didn't attend her internment and while I shed some tears, I didn't really lose it.  I think it was good for me (although the puffy eyes the next day were something I could do without).

So, things are settling down...remember my word for 2013 is "settle."  It's happening...we are even hanging pictures around the house.  For me, that is settling...making the house our own.  Next step, paint (if the dude would EVER get back to me with a quote).

On another note, remember my rant about VD yesterday?  Well, I stand corrected about the magnifying glasses.  She wasn't getting them for her daughter's Valentines.  Her daughter has a birthday party at a nature center this weekend and it's for that.  I feel better that other people wait until the week before to gather party supplies too!!!

So, that's all...trying to enjoy every day of being a SAHM before I go back to work.  I know I won't have the freedom that I do now, so I'm trying to get things just never seems like enough!


Carrie27 said...

I can't wait to hear how the Crazies do with playing the piano. I have zero experience with a piano, but I have always admired those who play.

Meghan said...

Big hugs, it's so hard how random things will remind you of her and set off the waterworks. My aunt passed away in September and I can't believe how hard it still hits me.

Guess that wasn't super encouraging....sorry ;(

Manda said...

5'3"?????? since when?

cass started saying "nana nana" this week...she's saying it now. makes me smille.

strongblonde said...

we have a one finger rule with the piano at our house :)i hear myself all of the time: "T, thomas should not be playing the piano" "M, get the hula hoop off of the piano" "you should NOT be using a fist to play a piano!" hahaha. we sit down with all three of us on the bench and play. we probably hurt b's ears, but it's super fun :)

sorry that you had your break, but hopefully it means that you can move forward with happy memories!!