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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Crab Cakes, Valentines, and Baths

So, I wanted to share an awesome recipe with you.  I found it on Pinterest, actually made it, and Husband claimed that it's the reason we no longer need to go out to dinner.  

Anyway, I'm making them for V-day for Husband.  The Crazies freaked out when I mentioned that, so they're getting hotdogs and mac & cheese.  Technically, since Matt hates mac & cheese ever since an unfortunate stomach virus incident, he'll be having a cheese sandwich and hotdog.

Great...I've become that mother that makes 5,000 meals to satisfy everyone.


Life can't get much better.

Also, remember to read the recipe all the way through!  I forgot the first time and neglected to see the "refrigerate for an hour" part and dinner was a TAD late that night!  

Speaking of Valentine's Day, we're quite excited around Casa de Crazies.  Valentine's Day has become quite the celebration at school and even though I openly made fun of my friends for handing out gobs of candy, I'm glad the Crazies are excited.  

That's not to say that I'm allowing all of the candy though.  I've offered $1 for every two pieces of candy they give me.  What can I say?  Money talks...

In addition to our special meals, the Crazies will receive one gigantic card each and a sandwich cut out like a heart (to which Matt replied, "UGH!  THAT'S GOING TO TAKE YOU FOREVER!!!).

That kid has no faith.

We got some things for Husband, picked out cards, and will commence wrapping shortly.  They are very adamant about their choices this year and it's amazing to see how different they are.  They amaze me every single day.

Apparently they have a surprise in store for me too, but I have no idea what it is.  All I know is that after telling Hailey that she shouldn't give me my surprise this morning, she threw herself on the ground sobbing.  It was only after I called Daddy at work and let him talk her off the ledge that she calmed down and realized that she was a day ahead.  Gotta get that girl a calendar.

I had a nice lunch with friends today.  I brought the Crazies...and the iPad.  Oh, the things I said I'd never do.

I'm trying the twitter thing again (@casadecrazies), but I just can't figure this shit out.  When do I write things?  When do I retweet?  How can I quote a retweet if there aren't any stupid characters left?  Who the hell wants to hear what I think anyway??  Why do I care about all of the useless shit on there anyway?

If you can answer those questions, please tweet me @casadecrazies.

LOL...I don't even know if "tweet" is a verb.

The birthday hell is coming to an end.

Husband put me on a spending moratorium for the remainder of the month...thank God it's a short month.

We booked our vacation rental for the summer.  So happy!!!  I'm literally keeping it up and looking at the pictures when I get depressed about our weather.

 My NBH stuff is getting a little better.  I saw the top of my desk for the first time in a while.  I filed some shit.  I'm going to have to put my Store order on hold b/c of aforementioned spending moratorium, but I'll get there.  I'll have all my useless shit in brightly colored boxes and bins if it's the last thing I do.

God, if that really is the last thing I do, I'll be the most boring person on the planet.

Or the most organized...whatever.

Speaking of, still need to get a will.  It's only been four years...WTF!?!


Oh, I'm supposed to talk about baths in this post too.   Well, I love baths.  I love to sit in the warm water and put bubbles over my belly.  There's no reason anyone (myself included) has to see that!  I went shopping on Sunday thanks to Husband and his Christmas gift of North Face fleece filled with gift cards.  I went to LUSH and purchased some new bubble bars...freaking awesome.

That's all.  That's all the happenings.  Starting to think of the Crazies' birthday already (probably because it'll be our first at this house and I have lots of great ideas for what I could accomplish in our new backyard).  I'm also probably thinking about it b/c their birthday is the day before I theoretically head back to the classroom.  We'll see!  

Job interview on 2/26.

Do people even still wear suits to job interviews?  It's not like I'm interviewing for a CEO position.  I ask you...

Okay, so I haven't shared pictures of the Crazies for some time.  Here you go...I warn you, they're getting old!!!

Matt's Unbirthday Celebration at was Pajama Day (in case you're assuming that I just send my children to school in their "foobies")

Birthday Party #2 of the month was at a nature center with a really cool owl.

And snakes and turtles and hissing cockroaches.  It's no wonder the Crazies only had their picture taken with the owl, huh?  Homie don't play dat!!


Lisa said...

PJ usually gets a separate meal.

I get Wilton Cookie cutters for all the holiday shapes. They are perfect for sandwiches -- they are on the big side. $3 and I look like a rockstar.

Wear a suit. good luck. :)

Mom said...

Enjoy tomorrow! Sounds as if you'll have lots of fun.

Yes, you need a suit for your job interview - go to Amanda's favorite place Off Saks Fifth Avenue or something like that...

Beautiful kids....

Love you lots

strongblonde said...

your interview is on my bday!! must be good luck, right?

i'm vying for wife of the year and didn't get a single thing for b!!! :( or the kids. LOSER!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Always wear a suit! :) But still let your personality through (like with a nice bright handbag :))

the kids are getting so big it's scary!

Barbara Manatee said...

Good luck wit the job interview!! Would this be a 'first choice' district/position for you? or just a "I'll take it if I can get it!?"