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Thursday, February 14, 2013

V-day 2013

As much as I like to be all salty and bitter about all of the hype around Valentine's Day, it is nice to see the Crazies get all excited.  They could not contain their excitement this morning.  

Matt has been getting up early lately anyway (for reason unknown)...either he has to pee or that's his normal wake up time.  Yesterday I found him in Hailey's room with his head under the window shade watching Daddy leave for work.  The poor girl woke from her slumber and said, "why is everyone in MY ROOM???"  She was not happy.

This morning, he lasted until 6:03 and was excited because there was snow on the ground and he wanted to see it from my window.

Then he peed.

Then I tucked him back into his bed.

Then he had to poop.

Then I gave him a little talk about being respectful that we were still sleeping (I know, we're lucky, but there was a 2-hour delay today).

Then Hailey came in my room and I was a little short with her.

Until she said, "Happy Valentime's Day, Mommy...I have something I want to give you."

Then I felt like a Mean Mommy.

I told her she had to get Matt involved b/c he was probably hating me in his room at this point.  She ran to get him and their presents (which had been artfully hidden by Husband) and they hopped on my bed.  I wanted to get a picture because their joy was infectious.  They were so excited and they weren't even getting presents!  They were excited to give and when your kids get to that point, it makes you happy and you want to capture it because for the rest of their life, they're going to want things for them.  They're going to expect presents for nothing.  They're going to ask where their present is.  So, I had to capture it.

Then I went downstairs and found my cards and present from Husband.  I have to say, they did a great job this year.  I am very impressed.

They found their cards (huge googly eye cards) and set them up for an obstacle course in the living room.  They then proceeded to run and jump over them repeatedly while I had a nervous breakdown about them falling and breaking their heads open.  

Then I went back to bed and drank my coffee.

Hailey made me heart pictures and beat herself up about her heart not being quite right.  I explained how art can be interpreted and how sometimes great beauty comes from mistakes.  I was impressed with myself at that one.

Now we're getting ready for school and they're so excited about what their friends have done for V-day.  They can't wait to get their cards and Matt is psyched because someone is giving out Ring Pops.  That's right...our little "can't have red 40" kid is excited about candy.  So, I've devised a plan to keep it at a minimum.  I told them that for every 2 pieces of red candy they give me, I'll give them a dollar.  Again, money talks.  Plus, I want them to start understanding money and saving it and how to spend it wisely and all that good stuff.

I can't wait to see who will be my "saver" and who will be my "spender."

So, the rest of the day will be filled with school, grocery shopping, and crab cakes while I fall even more in love with my family.  I'm enjoying it now because once I go back to work, these mornings will be extinct.

Happy V-day to all and to all a good night.


strongblonde said...

how fun!!! :) i gave the kids two pieces of chocolate. that's it. and, if i'm being honest, they came from B since he was the one who bought them. not me. :) ha!

what did you get? i always tell b not to get me anything for v day since my bday is at the end of the month!!!

Mom said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Honey! I now know that Matthew didn't make it through the day all that healthy but that just adds to the story. Enjoy it because I sang to several situations today and yours is by the far the happiest! Love you!!!

Manda said...

awwww enjoy those mornings! it's so crazy when you're trying to get to work and daycare/school and get everyone fed and looking pretty (not to mention clean). ENJOY and keep sending us these precious moments.