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Friday, May 24, 2013

End of an Era

Today was the Crazies' preschool "graduation."

Three years of going to that school...over.

The first time I dropped them off there, they were a little more than two years old.  Babies, I tell ya...babies.

I panicked a little on my car ride over to the gym that morning...feeling very much alone.  Who had I just left my children with?  I barely even knew them?  What was I thinking?  They were only TWO!!!

They had a wonderful year.

The next year, I requested a specific teacher.  It was my first time.  I felt like I was overstepping a boundary, but apparently it's quite common these days.

She was soft spoken, cried at our orientation b/c she loved the kids so much, and hugged and kissed each and every child as they entered her classroom in the morning.  She even tried to snatch a hug and kiss when they were on their way out.  Matt was great at avoiding the pick-up hug, but Hailey loved it.

They had a fantastic year.

This year, they were split into two different classes for the first time.  It was a good decision for us and for them.  It made me feel a little pulled apart at times and I couldn't really make good friends in either class (thankfully I had my support system firmly in place from the previous years), but it was good for them.  M's teacher was loud, boisterous, and adorably disorganized.  H's teacher was soft spoken, thorough, and loving.

They were good for each of them for different reasons.

They had an incredible year.

While we're not sending them to kindergarten next year, they are going to a new school and a full-day program.  That will be a big enough transition, but this morning, as I walked M to his classroom for the last time, he grabbed my hand.  This is something that's started to transpire over the past few weeks and I love every second of it.  He didn't want to go in.  He wanted to hold my hand a little longer...and I let him.

We found our seat at the back of the sanctuary (how early did these people get here, anyway???).  We joked with other parents.  We discussed the weather, how the year went, and whether or not we were going to cry.

The pastor and the head of the learning center came in, said a few words, gave the head of the learning center her gift (a big surprise for her...I loved being in on it), said a prayer, and then the kids entered.

They were adorable.  So much bigger than I remembered from just yesterday.  They were apprehensive, of course, but excited at the same time.

Hailey came in with a huge smile and Matt jammed his hands in his pocket acting way too cool for the entire thing.

Songs were sung.  We joined in on "If You're Happy and You Know It..."  Every class had a special performance where those kids were up in front.  M&H each had a "special" part.  

Hailey spent the entire time doing all the dance moves, singing all the songs, and sitting patiently when they weren't signing.  She looked adorable.  Matt spent the entire time leaning back in his chair, crossing his legs like a big-wig executive, and singing only the songs he liked.

When it came time for their "special" part, Matt stood right up, held his prop, and picked his nose only to wipe his boogie on the floor of the sanctuary.  Hailey held her prop, sang the song, and reminded the kid next to her when to hold his sign up.

It's still amazing to see the differences.

As they neared the handing out of the "diplomas," I saw all of these parents turning around to look at me.  I was too far back to have a good eye on Matt, but I knew something was up.  I just smiled and laughed along because that's who he is.  He's a total wiseass and loves getting the laughs (even though he seems like he could care less).

He was the last one in his class to be called for his "diploma" and when they called his name (twice), he acted like he didn't even hear it.  Then he was finally roused from his daze by his teacher, sauntered up to get his "diploma" and glided down the aisle.

Hailey was one of the last too and she just waited there so patiently.  It's hard to be at the end of the alphabet, but I think there was something about being able to sit in the middle of the stage in front of all of those people who you just knew loved your dress...she loved it.

Husband and I split up for the ice cream parties.  We take shifts.  That's what parents of twins do sometimes.  Daddy was still more popular because, as Matt puts it, "we get a lot of Mommy and not so much Daddy."

We gave gifts to the teachers, we laughed, we took some more pictures, and we left.

Thankfully we have camp there for the next two weeks, so we weren't ripping our hearts out completely this morning, but still...I will miss this place and I will always cherish the days we had there.

End of 2's program

Beginning of 3's program

End of 3's program

Beginning of 4's program

End of 4's program


Amy said...


Marcia (123 blog) said...

oh man, they looked tiny in the beginning. Then again, they look like babies in the header too :)

So... did you cry?

strongblonde said...

i love their personalities. and i love that matt pretended not to hear the teacher. and his little executive stance. super cute. :)

i can't believe how different, yet the same, they looked back in the day. it's so crazy!

(and you look great, btw!) :)

Natasha Carneiro said...

Awe such sweet photos!!!

Barbara Manatee said...

oh my goodness!! Didn't I just blink!! I know I've been MIA in blog world but holy cow! They look SO big - especially compared to their other pics you posted!!

Love their different personalities...isn't it amazing to see how alike yet how different they are at times???

Jacob and Sarah had their Kdg celebration last week but school is still in session for 2 more weeks. I already teared up with Sarah's teacher...

Lord help me when Adam leaves our daycare/preschool - the place we've been since J&S were the time he leaves, we'll have had kids there for 7 years I think...omg!!!