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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back To Work...end of week #2

Here are some of my observations and experiences from the past week:

  1. Some of my sleep issues have passed.  I had terrible anxiety (cue shaking, crying, and being wide awake until 1:30am the night before the Crazies' party) last Friday and couldn't sleep.  Prior to that, I was waking up ridiculously early in the morning and not going back to sleep.  I think all of that has gotten a bit better.  I don't know if I can attribute that to finally meeting my co-workers and spending some quality time in my classroom or because I started trying to do yoga on a more regular basis, but something is better and I'm glad.  Operating on no sleep sucks monkey butt.
  2. This week at camp was definitely tougher on the Crazies.  They cried on the playground most mornings.  Hailey would cry in the morning and Matt would cry himself to sleep.  I don't know what it is.  They have fun there, enjoy their time, and have good things to say.  I think it's hard for them to be away from me and their house for that long during the day.  It's definitely been an adjustment.  
  3. When the Crazies cry, I cry.  Ugh.  Oh, and then Husband looks at me like I'm nuts.  Good times.
  4. If you have things done the night before, your mornings are infinitely smoother.
  5. Warning kids about changes or what will take place is the key.  I have found that by communicating things to the Crazies, I can intercept any questions or problems ahead of time rather than in the moment.  This goes way back to my training in special education and I truly feel that it applies to most kids...and adults for that matter.
  6. When you've worked all week long and your kids have an awesome birthday party, sometimes you just want to be in the moment rather than taking a million pictures...or even one.  That's right...I neglected to take even ONE picture at their 5th birthday party.  I was just busy enjoying the moment, the crazy kids running around the yard, Husband at the grill with 84 hot dogs, the kids squealing when they went down the water slide or jumped in the pool, pinatas being hit with such force that you wondered how no one lost their heads, and adults being able to actually enjoy themselves because we had the foresight to hire a life guard (former tutoring student of money spent).  I just wanted to be there...and I was.
  7. Knowing that your work wardrobe is nicely rounded makes you feel better about starting school.  GG took me shopping last weekend like I was a kid in junior high and it was awesome.  Shoes were my #1 worry b/c I've worn nothing but boots, sneakers, and flops for the past 5 years.  She bought me 4 pairs of adorable flats (embracing my petiteness after wearing heels for a few did I do that way back when??).  I am a happy girl.  Oh, and I finally found navy blue pants (harder than you'd think) and now I'm done.
  8. Purchasing a work wardrobe when you have no income presents a challenge.
  9. Weekends are freaking awesome when you work b/c you can actually do things that you enjoy and it's like a treat!  When I was at home all the time, I didn't really look forward to weekends because it was just the same thing with another adult at home.  Now I'm planning weekends, planning along time, planning things to do on my "off time" because it really IS off time.
  10. Knowing you have to iron some of your work clothes is daunting.  I haven't ironed in YEARS...everything just went back in the dryer!

Things I'm nervous about for this coming week:
  • Crazies starting school...they're in separate classrooms which they weren't for camp and I'm just hoping that a more structured routine will do them good.
  • The first day of school.  Enough said.
  • Being so tired I can't function.
  • My triceps swinging in the breeze if I wear a sleeveless shirt.
  • Eating well.
  • Exercising.
 So, what's up with you guys?


Amanda said...

We did separate rooms this year and it's been perfect. We just reminded them that they can see each other at lunch and on the playground.

Good luck this week and I as well am nervous about my triceps in the wind.

Amy said...

1. Sleep issues are horrid.
2. Definitely, an adjustment.
3. It's called empathy.
4. Definitely. Lunches made the night before. Wardrobes planned.
5. Absolutely. Fear of the unknown is what produces anxiety.
6. It was a great party.
7. Moms are great.
8. You'll have an income soon.
9. Enjoy everyone of them.
10. Get yourself a Smartek Steamer from Amazon.

Approaching nervousness - Focus on the present.

strongblonde said...

love this! amen to #4!!! #5 is hit or miss for me. sometimes M likes to perseverate over one little thing if I tell them thing in advance. I think she just likes to worry or something! :)

you were a genius to hire a lifeguard.

and I think that making memories is sometimes better than taking pictures! :)

Christina said...

This past week was rough. I hate being away from the girls all day. Really hoping things get easier. Good luck to you Momma. <3 :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

So glad you're settling in.

I have that same photo thing whenever I don't take the big camera. If i take it, I feel I need to justify carrying all that stuff, so I take pics. However, if I'm at a friend thing with just the iphone, I mostly come away with nothing!

Hillary said...

I can't wait to hear how your first week back goes! You will be fantastic, and it will feel like you never left the classroom (I'm almost positive!)

Barbara Manatee said...

Hope the sleep issues get better. I'm normally a pretty good sleeper but I always sleep bad if I know I have to be up for something important the next day (i.e. test, first day of school, etc).

Sorry the Crazies are having a rough time adjusting to full days. I still go through this with Adam pretty routinely. He's always fine and happy when I pick him up, but drop off can be REALLY tough.

And yes...when he/they cry, I cry. Every time. I don't know how many times I've walked out of the daycare, head down, in hopes no one notices my tears. Sunglasses save me some days.

You were a GENIUS to hire a lifeguard!!

I want someone to take me back to school shopping!! Awesome GG!!

Good luck with students this week and with the Crazies being in their own rooms! Hope it goes well!

Shell said...

I don't know how I'd go back to regular shoes- though the schools around here, teachers wear flip flops. So if I go back, I'm set.

Hope you all adjust and have a great year!