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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

a few things that are bugging the crap out of me (without caps b/c i'm too lazy)

  • the parents that ask me dumb questions rather than looking the information up themselves.
  • kids that don't listen (that would be directed at my own kids).
  • kids that don't try (that would be directed at some of my students...not all).
  • the fact that my favorite yoga instructor only has one class a week.
  • grading papers.
  • laundry.
  • missing birthdays (seriously...i can't even make it to the store to get cards much less remember whose birthday is coming up).
  • kid crap in my living room (i've started to move it out on a daily's fun to yell for 10 minutes straight while they give me their eye rolls and heavy, is).
  • iphone at the dinner table (not me, btw).
  • laundry
  • crap on the stairs.
  • not having a money tree.
  • missing my family.
  • a weird hair that grew out of my chin once that i can't find anymore, but keep searching for it anyway b/c i know it's going to come back when i least expect it.
  • roots (hair, not tree).
  • the fact that my neighbor keeps giving the crazies food that i wouldn't.  i feed my damn kids.  i just don't feed them that crap.
  • the fact that parenthood isn't on at 9:00.
  • the fact that wntw is over.
  • laundry (did i already mention that?)
  • the fact that i need to go back to school for my certification and the only program that i'm remotely interested in taking isn't open for enrollment yet b/c the gov't needs to approve the description of the course.  wth??
  • crazies who want to do 5 million activities and having to tell them to scale it back.
  • honey booboo's mother on the biggest loser.
  • dead ends (hair, not the streets).
  • getting
  • not really keeping this list to a "few" like i promised in my title.
  • i am done now.


Shell said...

Laundry is enough to drive me up the wall.

Manda said...

i was thinking today that i want to see your outfits when you go to work...send me pics!

enjoy your wine tonight...sounds like you need it!

JC said...

Feel Ya...

strongblonde said...

1) is honey boo boo's mom REALLY on there?? i haven't been able to watch tv in a week! :)

2) i did laundry in the SINK today. the SINK. and i didn't even do underwear yet. i just feel gross about that. the hotel has a laundry service, but i feel like it is a little sketch, so not sure i can use that!

3) i HATE phones at the table. just put it away, people!!!

Barbara Manatee said...

What program are you wanting to do for your certification? This Ed Spec program has been challenging...but I'm glad I dove in...I'm definitely learning lots and not bored with classes!

TV...what's that? Thank goodness for DVR...between homework and baseball, we hadn't seen anything. Now that the Tigers are done for the season, I have a night or two to catch much piled up on the DVR already though!!

Carrie27 said...

No phones allowed at our table, I started putting mine on vibrate in a different room. Why is it that, that is the time people are blowing my phone up?