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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Twin Moment...had to document

At approximately 4:43 am, I heard Hailey
calling my name. I stumbled out of bed to her room. When I got there, she claimed that she had a bad dream and that she "needed" Matt...that she missed him. 

I tried to explain that Matt was sleeping and that I couldn't wake him up. She was staring at me like I had told her chocolate was illegal. All of the sudden, Matt comes  walking in the room, perches himself on the side of her bed, and stares at her with with concern.

She conveys her dream to him and I ask him if he wants to hold her hand. He does and then he lays down next to her while she stroked his hair. 

It was so damn sweet and I rarely see it and it just made me happy. 1.5 hours later, I was ready to duct tape them to opposite side of the house, but that moment was perfection. 

And they both went back to sleep which was totally awesome. 


Amy said...

Sweet, sweet story.

Sarah M said...

That's very sweet. They're looking so big now.

Donnamarie x said...

Oh my goodness, I used to read ur blog allll the time when I was pregnant with my twinkles, they are now 2 and a half and im just stumbling across this again. ur little people r absolutely gorgeous and so grown up now !!!! xx

Life with Gemelos said...

This made me these sweet twin moments :)

Barbara Manatee said...

Oh wow! This makes me think of a friend's experience this summer. She has b/g twins also, they are just a few months younger than my 2 (we're in the same twins group together). Her daughter got her hand/fingers slammed in a door and it cut off the tip of her finger. They got it bandaged at a clinic and then sent to the ER. Grandparents took the other kids home while Mom and Dad took B to the ER.

Later that night, when the Dr finally got to see her hand, they took the initial wrap/bandage off and the tip kinda flopped off and B started screaming and was hysterical.

The next morning, once home, Grandma mentioned to Mom that L (brother) had woken up in the middle of the night, screaming, worried about B. As they talked, they realized it was the same time (about 2:30 am). Twin connection!?!? Crazy, huH?

Carrie27 said...

How stinkin adorable!!!! Yeah, we don't have many twin moments over here, so when I catch them I have to document them.