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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some mornings...

Some mornings are not good in casa de Crazies. Matt is grumpy and growling at everyone. Hailey can't seem to peel herself off the floor to get dressed. No one likes what they picked out to wear the night before. People are demanding ridiculous things all over the casa. Inevitable someone gets hurt or hit...take your pick. The word "poop" is uttered more than I care to admit. Everyone is arguing and no one likes each other very much. This includes me...the sudden drill Sargeant.

Then there are mornings like this. I'm laying in bed wondering if anyone will even come to see me. I wonder this because I heard a set of feet come trotting down the hall a little whole ago. I'm not sure where they were going, but they didn't come in here. Then I heard the voices of the loves of my life having a very serious conversation about their dreams of the night and their plans for the day. There were declarations made about which toys would be shared and for what purpose. Very serious negotiations were being completed right down the hall from me and all I could do was lay here and listen with all my might.

It's mornings like these that I cherish. It's mornings like these that I try with all my might to lengthen. It's mornings like this that I bring up all day in hopes to return to this sort of harmony. It's mornings like this that I will miss when I go back to work. It's mornings like this that I remind myself why I gave them these 5 years of my career, of myself, of my life. It was to wake up listening to the sound of childlike negotiations being navigated down the hall and know that something in the world is right.