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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Well, Isn't That a Kick in the Nuts??

I don't know how many of your read yesterday's post about how some mornings are terrible, but yesterday morning was peaceful and wonderful and rainbows and unicorns shot out of my ass.

That only lasted for about 45 minutes.

I was downstairs working on my blog post for Multiples & More when I heard a horrific cry.  It wasn't the silent "I just got scratched across my face" cry and it wasn't the sobbing "she hit me cry."  It was different.

It was one I hadn't heard before...that's never good.

I look upstairs and Matt's face was purple.

That's never good either.

I trot up there (had to go slow as I hadn't yet put on a bra) and asked what happened.

Hailey just stood there apologizing lamely in complete confusion.

Matt was still purple, but now tears were coming down his face.

He eked out, "she kicked me right here" and gestured to his nuts.

Oh that even possible?

Why did I think it didn't hurt until puberty?  (after watching throngs of pre-pubescent boys repeatedly knock each other in the nuts over many years of teaching, I should have known better, but when your kid's face is purple, illogical thoughts run through your head)

So, I pick him up and mutter something to Hailey along the lines of " never kick there" and lay him down on my bed.

I tell him to keep his legs closed because, seriously, what do I know?

I ask him if he wants ice.

He declines.

No big surprise there.

He does request that I check things out though.

We pull down his pants and take a look...everything looks good.

He's still clutching at his abdomen.  Poor baby.  Hailey's still there asking if he's alright.  She has a heart.  We have a quick discussion about how Daddy freaks out when you kick him there and how it really hurts for "mans."

He tells me that he wants to change into his daytime pants rather than his pajama pants (like the pants kicked him in the nuts).  I agree that he has a good idea (WTF???).  We change his bottoms and all is right with the world.

Seriously old do boys have to be before an impact like this really starts hurting?  I thought they'd be much older, but maybe I'm completely misguided!!!

Poor kid...he's in for a world of hurt.