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Friday, February 1, 2013


It was sometime over the past few weeks. There was a bit of snow that had fallen overnight. It started and stopped overnight, so the Crazies had no idea.

It was a quiet morning...the quiet you only get after new snow.

Schools were delayed, so we were in no rush (for a change). The clock struck 7:05 and I heard a door open (even though I was secretly hoping they'd sleep late)!

It was or of those moments that I could see through what I heard. The door opened. The child looked out the window. He gave a surprised and happy gasp as only a little boy can do. He ran to his sister's room to show her and quickly convinced her that Mommy had to know what was happening.

Then two little pairs of feet quickly made their way down the hall to my room. They burst through the door insisting that they had to go outside right then to make a snowman.

It was priceless. One of those you never get again. So, by 7:38 am we were in the backyard playing. Happy kids, happy mom. Sometimes you just have to give in to the gasp.

Of course, I made them help shovel the driveway too. Not everything in life is free, ya know?