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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Overwhelmed and it's still January...

Seriously...this is ridiculous.

I just finished answering back 5 birthday party invitations and registering for my course that I HAVE to take this Spring in order to maintain my teaching certification.

I am overwhelmed and it's making my shoulders hurt (although, this could also be my craptastic mattress, but who knows?).

There are so many things I want to do this Spring, but it seems as if I'm already running out of time.

Brief aside:  Yesterday I took M to Homegoods with me.  We had so much fun.  He is an awesome shopper and really knows what he wants (and now he's tall enough to quietly put it in the cart, so I have to be on my toes).  It was so nice to get away with just him.  I think he's been craving that.

Okay, back to my original story.  I printed the syllabus for my online course and it's 26 pages...26 fucking pages for an online course.  What the WHAT???

You're killin' me Smalls.

When am I going to do that on top of working, parenting, exercising, gymnastics, dance, basketball, birthday parties, grocery shopping, cleaning, organizing, reading, showering, laundry-ing, and tutoring?

Oh, and maybe I should have a social life and spend time with Husband.


Then there's my 40th (which I have no idea what we're doing), a friend's 40th which is in Vegas and while I totally want to go, I don't see how I could fit it in with the end of school being right around that time.  Oh, and who wants to watch my kids?


Then there's the fact that I'm trying to get a weekend together with GG and Sister so that we can hang out and have fun and that's turned into a total CF.  Why is it that finding a weekend where three people can do something all together is just ridiculously difficult?

Anyway, I think I'm just venting.  I'm really hoping that this course won't take up as much time as it seems.  The way it's laid out does seem pretty decent and organized and I'm smart, so it definitely won't take me as much time as it would take a dumb person.

Oh, and my Dad's moving and we have a gazillion birthday parties for family...and both kids are doing lacrosse this Spring for which Husband thinks he'll coach for BOTH teams b/c there isn't anyone else volunteering.  

Why doesn't anyone volunteer yet everyone thinks these things should be made available to them?

Oh, and we are also considering getting more involved in our HOA rather than let it get taken over by the state.  Anything the state touches falls apart.

I'd also like to have time to get some decent undergarments (it's like I'm a hobo) and some decent work out clothes.  I want to try them on so I'm not in yoga pulling my pants out of my butt like a 12-year old.

Maybe I could also get some Spring clothes in the mix because they're not going to grow themselves in my closet and I'm really lacking in that area.

Oh, and when in the world will I be able to see my friends from college when we finally did pick a date and one of them backed out (for legitimate reasons, but still)?

Then there's school...gotta grade all those papers.

I just need to chill a little bit.  I need to get it all in perspective and just take it in stride.  Maybe I just needed to write about it...a little vent never hurt anyone.

I'll be fine.  I'll get it all done.  I am woman, hear my roar.



Hillary said...

What does it say about me that I feel the same way, and I DON'T have TWINS?

Seriously, though. You do what you can. You can't be Wonderwoman 24/7, you know? You're awesome. You'll be great.

strongblonde said...

omg. you do so much! the only activity my kids are involved in is swimming. and that started YESTERDAY. uhm. maybe i should be doing more with them? gah.

and i totally get you on feeling like a hobo. my undergarments are so bad. and i'm almost embarrassed in my workout clothes. almost. but i hate spending money on crap that i will sweat all over and will be permanently funky in about two weeks!

maybe talk to barb? she just was doing class...she can give you a realistic view of how much time it REALLY takes?

i've missed you!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

your kids are in a lot of stuff :) we do actionball at school on Fridays and that's it!

they start "proper" swimming in Feb and that will be that :)

Make a list - you'll feel so much better.

Amy said...

You must lower your expectations! Learn to live with a messy house. Go to the gym in crap clothes. HOA involvement? No way at this point in time. Do a load of laundry every day instead of mountains at once. Mulching? I have a guy who does it for cheap ... as long as ICE doesn't catch him. Chores & allowance for the kids for small stuff like feeding the dog, etc.

Natasha Carneiro said...

Thinking of you, hope you are surviving February ;-)