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Friday, March 7, 2014

Not Even Sick Days Are My Own

Crazy down!

Hailey has been sick since Saturday...inexplicably sick.  She puked all night Saturday and most of the day Sunday and then it suddenly stopped.

The she got a horrific head cold and terrible headache.

All while suffering a dumb low grade fever that wouldn't go away.

We had a snow day on Monday, so we were all off.

I had a snow day on Tuesday, so Matt went to school and she rested.

She went in on Wednesday seemingly feeling better only to puke all over her classroom after naptime.

Good times.

Husband stayed home with her yesterday b/c I had state testing (if I add up how much money him staying home costs us in comparison with what I bring home, it's laughable and embarrassing).

She seemed fine yesterday afternoon and then she had some tummy/butt issues last night, so I called it.  No need to worry about her puking all over her classroom all day.  Let's give her another day.

So, she's fine and home and I can't teach.

It's not like I mind being home with her.  I actually like it, but this year has been so broken up with snow days and testing and more snow days that I can't really get into a rhythm in my classroom and it's driving me NUTS!!!

Plus, if I am going to burn a sick day, I'd rather it's me that's sick so at least I feel like I'm accomplishing something.

Is that terrible of me?

I'm a bad mother.


So, I'll plan activities, watch Disney, and let her help bake cookies.  She's already called me the "best mother in the entire universe" because I told her that Mac&Cheese could be considered part of a bland diet.  She was pretty psyched about that.

Other than that, the working Mom thing is going pretty well this year.  I'm still tutoring one night a week and that's been fine as well.  I think I was worried that I wouldn't have time for myself and in some ways, that's been true.  My work out schedule has suffered for a multitude of reasons (snows, time, exhaustion), but we're working on getting that back on track.  I'm still cooking most nights of the week, so we're still eating good food.  I am tired, but not exceedingly so.  The class I took definitely took a toll on me, but that's over now and I survived.  I actually enjoy being in the classroom again, so I think that helps a lot.  If I hated my job, I'd want to quit and go back to being a SAHM.  I'm lucky I have a job I love.

That is all for now...random tangent over.  Must take care of "sick" girl.


strongblonde said...

omg. i can't take the snow or the sickies anymore. m threw up all day yesterday. yesterday morning she burst into tears when i told her that she couldn't go to school. then after a few hours she said, "i wonder how T is doing? it sure is boring being home and throwing up".

and i totally get feeling like you're using days for not the best purposes. i had to reschedule patients for yesterday, but it was easier than having B stay home.

just ready for spring/summer and all of this crazy cold to vanish!

Amy said...

They will get to an age when you can leave them home alone with their illness. I'd call mine between every class and gave strict orders to the secretary to immediately put calls through from them. Enjoy the alone time with her.