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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

First "Real" Summer in Six Years

That's how Husband put it in a text to me this morning...the first morning since last August that I haven't had to drag my ass out of bed at 5:00 (who am I kidding, 5:30).

My first "real" Summer.

My first Summer without babies.

My first Summer without knee surgery (knock wood).

My first Summer without trying to sell a house, purchase a house, and move.

My first Summer without trying to find a new job.

My first "real" Summer.  Let's get it started.

First up, personal goals:
1.  Work out more...this has suffered more than anything in my daily routine.  Oh, and I figured out this year that you can't suck in love handles...who knew?
2.  Blog more...enough said.
3.  Make plans with friends.
4.  Travel (lots of things in the works already).
5.  Make it through this class with an A (I have a 98%, so I'm thinking this one should be easy).

Family goals:
1.  Work on our Summer List (which looks pretty awesome).
2.  Have a Matt Day.
3.  Have a Hailey Day.
4.  Have fun!!!!

Marriage goals:
1.  Do things just for us.
2.  Hire more babysitters...the Crazies will survive.
3.  Lots of planning for our surprise Disney trip at Christmas.
4.  Couples massage at some point this Summer.

House goals:
1.  Painting (already scheduled...have to pick colors).
2.  Arrange basement bedroom before Husband's family arrives.
3.  Clean OUT!
4.  Clothes to Goodwill.
5.  Organize.
6.  Storage, storage, storage.
7.  Dining room chairs.

Professional goals:
1.  Finish course (halfway through and have no choice).
2.  Read that classroom management book from team leader (it actually looks pretty decent).
3.  Slowly purchase classroom materials for next year so that Husband doesn't really notice a huge influx of Amazon charges.
4.  Get the thinking of my upcoming lessons more geared to Common Core (whatever I want to say about it, it is here for a while and I need to get ready to work through it with the difficult group I have coming up next year).

So, that's about all for now.  I plan on having lots of fun this Summer and enjoying as many moments as possible.  I've already started to  lay out the ground rules for tattling (can't stand it) and disobeying (won't tolerate it).  Now I need to get the "hat" ready to choose Matt Day and Hailey Day!

Happy Summer everyone!!!


Hillary said...

Love all of this. Enjoy yourself; you deserve it!

Momtoadorabletwins said...

Hi There ....

You mentioned you have rules for tattling and disobeying.
Do you mind sharing them?

I have 4.5 yr old B/G twins and we are getting to a point where there have to be rules for everything :)


Barbara Manatee said...

Yeah for summer!!! This really IS a special summer for you...esp with it being the first back teaching! I'm excited for this summer for us - no work/internship for me and no daycare - so LOTS of days ahead of fun things to do! (remind me of that when I'm ready to ship my kids off in a few weeks! ha!).
My biggest goals are to (1) finish my classes (hello graduation!! woohoo!) (2) print pics or make photo albums (3) actually start running again (4) read a few books from start to finish in a reasonable time and make time for friends and hubby!