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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

American Ninja Warrior - Crazies Style

So, the Crazies are obsessed with this show where these nutso muscular people fly around on obstacles that would kill a normal person and climb walls and have incredible biceps.  They are OBSESSED!!!

They know the names of the competitors, their backstories, and their height/weight.  It's amazing.

It's amazing that they can remember all of this yet forget to wipe their own asses.

Anyway, Husband and I have allowed them to follow this particular show because it does not include any violence, bad language, sexual innuendo, and promotes physical fitness.

Can't beat that with a bat, right?

Of course, it also promotes them turning my living room and basement into obstacles courses and throwing themselves around like rag dolls.  This then leads to crying and whining when one of them cracks their skull on the side of the couch or slide across the floor into a wall at a speed of 35 mph.  

Well, what did you expect?

Figuring out what to allow them to watch on television is tricky.  I know they want to watch certain shows, but some of them are just a little too mature for them...this includes the ones on Disney sometimes.  

They know how to use Netflix on their Kindles.  That is set at "child" mode, so we're fairly safe there, but they've glommed on to this Barbie show which is completely devoid of any substance. 

It also taught Matthew the phrase "I've been working on this 6-pack all weekend" from the mouth of Ken (who I always thought was pretty sexy as a child, but now I'm convinced he swings in a different direction...not that there's anything wrong with that).

This Barbie show sends me over.the.edge and makes me want to rip my ears off.

I seriously might build an obstacle course in the backyard if I never have to hear Barbie's voice again.

What shows do your kids watch??


Marcia (123 blog) said...

oh my gosh, that would send me over the edge too :)

my kids are still free from tv shows (I'm still the strictest mother in my circle and at the school.................) but they do watch DVDs

strongblonde said...

OMG. b loves american ninja warrior!! let's be honest, so do i!

my kids are currently watching sesame street. almost 5 yrs old. bc they don't know that other shows really exist. their options are things on PBS and a current fave is sherrif callie on disney jr. :)

....but i never thought of creating my OWN obstacle course in my house. although i DID try to do a pull up on the monkey bars yesterday and was terribly unsuccessful and probably hilarious to the neighbors!

WicketsMom said...

My seven year old LOVES American Ninja Warrior too. We have them on DVR. Wait until they figure out that they can use the doorframe as a spider climb and then hang from the top of it.

Mandy said...

My kids just grabbed onto Fraggle Rock on Hulu and I'm the *happiest* mom on the block! Now that it's summer they don't really have TV time though, I'm all about keeping them outside or in the pool.

Hillary said...

I know you said shows (and this is an app) but my 6 year old "watches" Brain Pop Jr. on our IPad. If you can get past the creepy monotone of the little girl that narrates it you'll be all good. :)Its the same degree of Barbie voices irritating but at least its educational!