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Monday, July 7, 2014

Can I get a "what what???"

Yaaaaaayyyyyyy for summer camp!

It starts today!

Get out there and play soccer for 3 hours...sweat your ass off...tire yourself out...then come home and whine "I'm hungry" 3,295,293 times.


Either way I'm glad that they're going to be out of the house today.  We have painters coming today to start on the hallway/foyer, dining room, and office.  It's going to be a rough couple of days.  We have furniture all over the place to be out of the way and my office is completely dismantled.  I sit here at my kitchen table next to a marinara sauce stain trying to string thoughts together.

People working in my house still weirds me out even though we've done it a bunch of times.  You hear all of these freaky stories about someone falling in love with your kid and coming back to steal them and shit.  Well, it doesn't happen a lot, but I guess that one big one (can't remember her name even though I read her book) still sits in my memory.

So, you might ask, what do you have planned for your three hours a day this week?

Here's what I have:

  1. I will slowly and stealthily thin out the Crazies' book collections.  The Crazies are hoarders unbeknownst to me and I need to do this on the DL.
  2. I will extend our Disney vacation by one day.  God knows how we're paying for this, but it'll be worth it to see their unsuspecting little faces.
  3. I will work out...not today.  I want to mostly be here today in case of any questions or mishaps, but I will work out tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday.  Wednesday is my off day.
  4. I will pick up my clothes.  I have this corner in my room where I throw all my shit.  It's terrible.  It's like I'm 15 years old.  It's like I haven't anywhere to store them, and yet I have.  I'm just a slob.
  5. I will finally and completely unpack the suitcase that has been sitting in my bedroom since we went to NY 2 weeks ago.  That's just ridiculous.
  6. I will make phone calls without being interrupted, hung up on accidentally (thank you, Hailey), I will fill out birthday cards, I will send letters, and I will just do thing in a streamlined fashion without being interrupted by children.
  7. I will finish the Crazies' school paperwork and get that in the mail since it's due 8/1 and that date is coming up quickly!
  8. I will find someone to watch the dog while Husband and I are on our anniversary weekend getaway to the beach.  
  9. I will clean the parts of my house that I can reach.
  10. I will thin out the toy "collection" that is in the play room without having anyone argue with me.
  11. I will organize the pantry...again.
  12. I will/may clean out the refrigerator (I loathe this job, but am so happy when it's done).
 So, there you have it.  I get 15 hours this week and I intend to make them count.  I would give my left leg to lay out by the pool for a couple of hours of peace and finish my book (anyone reading The Outlander?  I can't put it down).  We will see if that can happen...something makes me doubt that very much.

What's happening in your world blog friends?? 

PS - I will do before and after of the painting.  I always forget to do that and I regret it every time!


Barbara Manatee said...

I debated about trying out some kind of camp for the kids but never looked into it any further. Honestly, it's ok. This summer is our first no-daycare-at-all summer (no spots need to be held and no summer work for me!) and its a good thing b/c we've been on the go non-stop! Lord knows there are things I should probably do around here but I'm really enjoying our summer and don' want to worry too much about 'projects' :-) My biggest project is finishing up these last 2 classes and adding some new initials behind my name when I sign IEPs lol!

What I really should be doing right NOW is either (a) figuring out what topic I"m going to discuss in this week's class forum or (b) making a menu and packing list for our vacation next week!

Denise said...

Hi! Just catching up on your life. Are you referring to the Diana Gabaldon Outlander? It is my absolute favorite series. Just finished the latest book that came out earlier this summer. They made a tv series on Starz that starts soon and I am both excited and dreading it for how it will change my inner vision of the characters!