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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Can't Beat the Vacation Time

When I was fresh out of college, I got a job at a marketing firm.  The salary was decent.  The job description was definitely something I could handle.  The vacation time was worth shit.

Two weeks.


Who can live like that?

I tried it for a while.  I worked for that company for 3 years and I tolerated the two week vacation time.

It's not good for people though.

It's not healthy to only have two weeks off.

How can you catch up on ANYTHING?

So far this Summer I have accomplished the following:

  • Had the house painted.
  • Received estimates for work we need done.
  • Had both of our cars serviced.
  • Slept in.
  • Seen numerous friends and actually enjoyed my time with them.
  • Relaxed with the Crazies.
  • Allowed them to see their friends.
  • Enjoyed a weekend without worrying about grading or lessons plans.
  • Seen family and enjoyed my time with them.
  • Made appointments.
  • Arranged vacations.
  • Shopped while actually being able to think.
  • Completed projects in my house.
  • Cleaned out the basement/toy room.
  • Finished a course.
  • Cleaned out my clothes.
  • Jumped in the pool.
  • Worked out on a regular basis.
  • Made phone calls.
  • Read books.
  • Arranged after-care for the Crazies for this school year.
  • Future:  Weekend away with Husband
  • Future:  Family vacation at the beach
I cannot do most of these tasks coherently while working.   Who CAN?  There isn't enough time when you're given 10 days off during the year.  It's inhuman.

So, I've realized something...for all of the negatives that my job offers (shit pay, lots of take home work, daily stressors, lack of control, terrible desk/chair/bookshelves/furniture, and overly expectant "bosses" to name a few), you can't beat the vacation time.  

No one else gets this.

No one else understands.

It's therapeutic to have this much time off in a row.

It's healthy to have this much time off in a row.

It truly is renewing to have this much time off in a row.

I am excited to get back to my classroom.

I have done research and how I can better myself as a teacher.

I have thought about how I will organize things differently this year.

I have contemplated my mistakes from last year.

I have taken time to think about my profession and how I can change things for the better this coming school year.

Don't get me wrong...this is going to be a tough year.  I am the senior 8th grade math teacher (after one year, mind you).  Common Core is all over the place.  The new assessments will be rolling out.  My group coming up is a rough one.  The demands of grading will be higher than ever thanks for the ongoing need for formative assessment...constant formative assessment and data collection.  However, after this much time off, I feel that I am ready.  

I may not say that on the first day of school, but right now, without the pressure of being in my classroom, I can say that I am ready.

So, if you're tired of working all the time.  If you're tired of not having enough time to run your household.  If you're tired of being tired...become a teacher!  You can't beat the vacation time (even if everything else kind of sucks)!

Disclaimer:  You can't actually just go out and become a teacher.  There is some training involved.  You do have to take tests and become certified.  It's not as easy as just becoming a teacher, but it's still worth it!


Hillary said...

TRUTH. For every depressing negative, there is the benefit that I have eight weeks to feel like a human being again (and, like you said, to take the time to reflect on the past year and make plans for improvement). Love this.

Manda said...

i had to wait to comment on this because it made me so jealous!!! i wish i had all that time at once to get things done. good for you :)