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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

So, I'm a waiter

We had a landscaping company come in, talk with us, measure and survey our land, and give us a quote on our dream backyard.

Well, that was a wake up call.

It's impossible and doesn't make sense to do what we had in mind.  It would overvalue our house and make us poor.

Totally not worth it.

So, we reconsider.  What do we really need/want/desire from our backyard?  With the Summers off, I definitely get more use out of our outdoor space.  Husband works during the Summer and when he's off, we're either on vacation or he's working on projects around the house.  He's not a "lay on the deck and get a tan" type of guy.  He never stops moving.

The price they gave for the deck alone was staggering.  I won't go into details, but we just can't handle it now.  The nice things are the materials are beautiful, it would be done correctly, the drainage would be handled properly, and it would be around for a long long time.

The bad things are we'd have to cancel our Christmas Disney trip, scale way back on plans we already have for this year, and not fix the Crazies' bathroom.  Then it comes to weighing being married to your house and pouring a bunch of money into that...or enjoying life, saving money slowly, and continuing to live as you should.

It's a no-brainer.

So, I'm a waiter.

I can do this.  I can wait until Spring of 2016 to get my deck.  I can go another summer without an outdoor eating area.  I can do this.  I'm not some spoiled little princess who needs everything at this very moment.  

I am an adult.

I am an adult who does not want to go into debt for a deck.

I am an adult who desperately wants to get away this Winter b/c we're not good Winter people and we need to get away.

I am an adult who committed to going to a wedding in September that will involve travel and money and expenses.

I am an adult who wants to have a girls' weekend with my old co-workers and wouldn't be able to afford it if we were getting this deck right away.

I am an adult who needs new boots this Fall.  New boots aren't cheap!

I am an adult who needs things for her house...curtains, dining room chairs, blinds, a bathroom for the Crazies that doesn't leak, a stove that lights every single time, desks for the Crazies new career are kindergarteners, and the list goes on.

I am an adult who can save money slowly and make plans that fit into her life.  

I am an adult who will make the best decision for her family and going into hock for an outdoor space that will only get used half the year is not the best decision right now.

I can't believe it...I'm a waiter.

How do you guys handle large projects?  Do you take out loans?  Or are you savers?


Marcia (123 blog) said...

I think you know I'm a waiter :) I really don't like to be in debt... at all!

I'd also go slower but have a better quality of life while going for the goal.

Barbara Manatee said...

We're kind of on the 'waiter' side but not always purposeful about setting aside money for it. We didn't finish the basement until after the twins were born and we NEEDED the extra space. We were in our house 9 years I think before we finally built a deck. We weigh our priorities each year to decide if we're going to use what money we have to play with to do something to the house or do a trip (3 years ago it was redo the living room and new dining room set, 2 years ago, the deck, last year Disney...not sure about this year). We've been talking about gutting our upstairs bathroom for years but have yet to dive into that due to the cost and the trouble of our main bathroom being torn apart. That's definitely our next project...just haven't committed to it!

Natasha Carneiro said...

Also a waiter...we are fixing our leaking roof after a year in our house, the walls painting outside might have to wait depending on how much the roof repair and paint will be...Inside of our house I have planned to take it on room for room per 1/2 year from next year, walls were just washed down so painting will also have to wait. Tight budgets = waiting...I prefer to call it planning in progress ;-)