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Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Mornings

With this being my first Summer "off" in a loooooong time, I have really come to enjoy certain things.  I will list them first and then, as per usual, I will make a list of the crap I can't stand.  Enjoy!

Things I love about Summer mornings:
  1. Quietly waking up...all of us.  No alarm clocks.  No "get out of bed."  No "get dressed, brush you teeth and hair and come downstairs for breakfast."
  2. Having the Crazies sneak into my room to see if I'm awake.
  3. The sun.
  4. Playing with toys (they do this more first thing in the morning than the rest of the day).
  5. Making breakfast.
  6. My cup of coffee (not rushed or left in a room to be found that night).
  7. Seeing the rain on the window and having no idea that it even happened during our slumber.
  8. Sitting down to really plan how my day will be today.
  9. Hearing Hailey sing to herself.
  10. Listening to Matt discover forgotten toys in the basement.

Things I can't stand about Summer mornings:
  1. Waking up before 8:00...every damn day.
  2. Having the Crazies sneak into my room to see if I'm awake, but then slamming the door upon their exit after seeing that I am indeed still sleeping.
  3. Birds...they are so goddamn loud.
  4. The fact that now that Husband is getting up so much earlier than me, he doesn't bring me my cup of coffee anymore...oh, how I miss that.
  5. The bickering.
  6. The "I'm hungry."
  8.  The fact that Husband has to go to work.  It's gotta be the most difficult this time of year when we're all still sleeping and he's gotta drag his ass to work.  I'd be a miserable bastard.
  9. Knowing that, as an adult, I must accomplish something productive today and not just lay by the pool and do nothing.
  10. Hearing "Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy" while I'm trying to write.  

Either way, I like Summer mornings better than Winter mornings, so I'm a happy camper.


Barbara Manatee said...

Love your lists and I can totally relate to both of them!! Last summer we still had to set an alarm a couple days a week due to my internship and the kids going to daycare 2x/week. It's been so nice to not have to set it and jump up this summer. (I say that dreading the 2 days this week I have to go into work by 7:45...ugh! I'm not looking forward to setting the clock so early again!).

I feel bad for my hubby too. The good thing for him is that he works from home so its just a matter of a quick shower and walking downstairs but still - he has to set the alarm and is often working before I get a shower.

I love when I'm still in bed and the kids wake up and pile in for cuddles. :-) Best part of the day! Sarah often quietly sneaks in, cuddles with me for a few then reads to me. :-) Love it!

Danifred said...

OMG the bickering!!!!! It's making me absolutely insane.

Manda said...

the birds...they get up so damn early!